This work departs from my question between Australia and Indonesia’s relationship. I am using Tommy McRae’s drawing as the sources which inspired me: an aboriginal, who did drawing for documented and recorded every day life of his tribe life around 1860. When I saw his drawing, it is reminds me part of my Indonesian culture in Irian Jaya/ Papua. If they are look alike, why separated by the notion as country? What the meaning of being Australian or Indonesian for them?



Most of McRae’s drawing made in paper and using black, blue and red colors. The lines and scratches are simple, which arouse more questions for me. Based on my interested about it, I created “Tommy McRae vs CMYK” which is my interpretation upon McRae’s drawing through CMYK silkscreen printing medium and technique. CMYK is a technique using 4 layers color : Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black usually for photograph printing. I am using the CMYK technique, to make the collage “reconstruction” using photograph being possible.


With this work I emphasized about the notion of “relationship” that intertwined from long time a go and now more framed with geopolitical backgrounds such as country, boundaries and the distinction between east and west.


(These artworks made during my residency at Megalo print studio, Canberra, Australia)