This project is began from what I saw on the development of visual art in Indonesia, especially painting and graphic art, when painting has always been the number one and graphic art is below it, in relation to the market as well as object of collections. This media problem becomes a big question for me.Is it because the graphic arts can be duplicated easily, so its value is reduced compared to painting which is made only one piece? Or does the content on the work itself is the cause?


Starting from these questions, I began work on Project KW2. In this project, I made a poster with images of paintings by the most expensive contemporary artists in Indonesia, based on the data from one auction house in Paris, France. I got the images of these paintings through sites of several auction houses. I produced posters with this images using CMYK silkscreen technique. I produced 20 copies for each image. I sold it for IDR 10.000,- using sidewalk cart, on DI. Panjaitan Street.


During the process of working, I made a lot of discussion, and the basic idea of this project was developed. The issue of public /private space, authenticity, to the function of art itself, appears during those discussions. And I am still open to any possibility to keep developing the ideas, both in terms of visual as well as the content. As long as those developments accordance with the main framework of this project, namely the anxiety that I feel, and open up for possibilities to show something new.


Prihatmoko Moki