This work series are depicted about Indonesian politic situation under Joko Widodo period of government. The figure of Joko Widodo, Indonesian President (well known as Jokowi) is became popular since he had position as Major Solo and the Major of the capital Jakarta, respectively, before became a President. Under his rules, so many things change and people believe it’s change for better situation. There are some policies about to cut out the corruption and bureaucracy, concern with low class society, etc. This situation impetus the group of people who support and became and fans of him, but at the same time also the group who hate him has born.


The recent situation when this work was made, is become heating up, when Jokowi appointed as candidate of next period of president. The only one opposite candidate is Prabowo, which also have so many supporters that automatically as Jokowi’s hater. This phenomena of divide citizens and more extended into netizens act, based on politic preferences, is quite new in Indonesia. Still they make this group seems based on ethnic, religion, age, which actually driven by politic interest, and called it ID POLITICS.


Prihatmoko Moki