16 June 2021
Kedai Kebun Forum
Tirtodipuran st, Mantrijeron,Yogyakarta



In young people’s political map, Prihatmoko or known as Moki is an anomaly. In the midst of many young people who are opposed to the regime, Moki is clearly in the opposite position. His screen prints show political leanings clearly; pro-Jokowi. It’s a bold choice; prone to be bullied, prone to being shunned.


Screen print works made in the pennant style. Using a primary color with black as the binding color makes this piece look like a political poster. His interest in pop art could be the trigger for his visual style this time. This simplicity makes the political narrative in his works easy to read. Like a caricature in a newspaper. The lack of complicated symbols and ups and downs, everything is done in a simple, almost elementary way.


There are two main narratives in Moki’s work for this exhibition; the pro-Jokowi narrative with its entire spectrum, these two narrative critiques of developments that were facilitated by the Jokowi regime itself. At this point, we could see the “hate but love” relationship that distinguishes him from the political breath of today’s youth, who often carry anti-government narratives.


For Moki, the government is seen as an entity that has good intentions but also has the potential to do bad things. Therefore, a supportive, but critical attitude towards several policies is becoming a requirement. Moki as an artist also has an awareness of the politics of art media. For him, the choice of media is determined by the content or narrative it carries. It is not a solid identity that cannot be changed.


It’s interesting to see what Moki has done in his second solo exhibition at KKF. How he proceeds in his work makes him one of the few artists worth waiting for his exhibitions or his art projects. From there you can see what is going on in the world from the eyes of a young man from Ponjong, Gunungkidul.


Agung Kurniawan

Co founder/artistic director of KKF