This series is part of the art project PRAJURIT KALAH TANPA RAJA
(the soldiers lost without a king)


Is about land grabbing and eviction that happened in Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta. Recently Yogyakarta became a hyper touristic city, which led to the massive build infrastructure such as hotels, malls, restaurants and the airport. In 2019, the regional government of Yogyakarta targeted the new international airport, called YIA (Yogyakarta International Airport) to be ready operated. The development of this airport is inseparable from problems, including the land eviction of some people who already live there and have ties to the land. When I started this project, there were 17 families who refused to relocate and fought for their rights.


The work COLONY POST COLONY is an interpretation and medium to reveal the situation that happens there. Besides several times I came for solidarity for the families who still fight, I came across with the activist called jogja_darurat_agraria who was actively working there. They use instagram as a platform to advocate and circulate this issue to broader audiences through posters, photos, and videos. In this work I use their video from instagram and respond with my illustration in motion. I employ the pause button on video as a metaphor to stop for a moment to think and reflection, regarding the massive and fast development. 


Prihatmoko Moki


(This is a collaborative project between Prihatmoko Moki & Gunawan Maryanto)